The first aluminium touchless with a pouch

The first aluminium touchless with a pouch

It’s innovative, high-tech, safe, and sustainable. It’s an airless aluminium packaging that combines technological innovation and functionality, the perfect answer to the beauty market’s demands at this moment: maximum safety and sustainability. We’re talking about TAL: an acronym for Techno Airless ALuminum – the first aluminium touchless with a pouch.

What are the pros of TAL?

It’s safe. TAL uses pouch technology.

It’s sustainable.

Secondly, it’s an eco-friendly choice as, after being used, the consumer can separate the aluminium components from the aluminium ones and recycle each part appropriately.

It’s versatile and customizable. Multifaceted and eco-friendly, aluminium is a material that is extremely easy to decorate.

The result?

Packaging that, depending on effects and decorations, can be used for both mass market as well as luxury products. An example, TAL is offered in a “luxury” version with glossy effects or with satin-finishes and brushed effects for a look that is “greener”. In any case, the result is always packaging that is contemporary and created with great attention to detail. It has a modern and minimalistic design, perfect for face & body and Hair care products.,18234#