Aluminium is ideally positioned to help UK industry as it moves towards more sustainable supply chains.
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ALFED Sustainability Initiatives

One area where ALFED is keen to offer more value to partners and members is through sustainability initiatives.

The aluminium industry is a vital part of the UK manufacturing sector and an essential component of the modern UK economy, which will play a key role in the UK’s transition to a more sustainable future.

Aluminium is ideally positioned to help UK industry as it moves towards more sustainable supply chains and through support from ALFED’s Sustainable Suppliers and by adhering to the 2050 Roadmap, we are committed to working with members on programmes which directly impact the future of a circular economy.


ALFED Sustainability


Aluminium – The strategic metal shaping future sector developments

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Shell Energy teams up with Hydro to decarbonise UK operations

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ALFED Towards Net Zero Report

Appropriate self-sufficiency, inward investment and energy security have never been more important.

The need for decarbonisation, sustainable sourcing and transition to the circular economy were adopted in our early Roadmap. These and the actions we identified are still critical, however, to fully reflect our ambition and align with other partners we will adopt the ESG model.

Our ambition clearly identifies that the work towards Net Zero is not just a positive opportunity for change, but a direction which enables us to deliver a vision which is in our best interests. The world has changed since we started work on this report!

Your excellent contributions had already allowed us to develop a bolder and braver vision; had encouraged us to plan for greater collaboration and increased action. This vision will support the sectors step changes needed to meet Net Zero and realise the added value of these for our business and the economy.

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ALFED Members


Aluminium is widely recycled in UK

Aluminium is an affordable, highly recyclable material that supports a global circular economy. We actively promote opportunities to get involved in this important area

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Because aluminium can be recycled endlessly while maintaining its quality, it’s a key part of global drives towards waste reduction and a circular economy. We work closely with government, members, other industries and trade bodies worldwide to maximise aluminium’s contribution to innovation and policy.

For example, a recent initiative is our collaboration with European Aluminium regarding the EU Circular Economy Package, which looks at elements such as recognition of multiple recycling, aluminium packaging targets and metal recovery from incinerator bottom ashes.

We’re tying this into innovation-related activity promoting more efficient recycling processes and the use of recycled aluminium in new applications. This includes advanced engineering and packaging among others, and also involves advising on related standards development.

Another crucial part of recycling is education, and through both our training courses and outreach campaigns, we promote developments that move our industry forward.

ALFED environmental policy

At ALFED, we are fully committed to leading our members in delivering increased environmental responsibility. We recognise the urgent need to address environmental challenges and we are steadfast in our commitment to making a positive impact.

As part of our work, we work to comply with all environmental and sustainability laws and regulations, while also actively encouraging our members to seek innovative ways to reduce their own environmental footprint.

We encourage all employees to take care of the environment that we work in, as well as the wider world. All colleagues will pay regard to the environmental impacts of the decisions they make and should seek to minimise these.

Our goal is to lead by example, transparently reporting our progress as we work towards a more sustainable future. Together, we can create a greener, more sustainable world for generations to come.

Nadine Bloxsome

Membership and Sustainability Manager

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