Aluminium foil is finding large application in packaging in the food industry. Aluminium foil is widely used as a compact storage for electric charges. Nowadays, aluminium foil is being merged with flexible films to create lightweight packages. This allows packages to expand during packaging and contract as soon as the product is consumed. Manufacturers are focusing on producing a top quality of aluminium foil packages. However, a small change in the process can impact the product quality. Hence, machines and techniques used in aluminium foil packages are well tested, researched and developed.

Aluminium foil is gaining popularity as the flexible packaging option. Moreover, four-sided, fin-sealed pouches are becoming popular for medical, retail food applications, and institutional food service packs. Aluminium-based containers that can be used in the microwave are also being developed on a large scale. Special cooking aluminium foil for barbecuing have been developed in recent years.

Based on the product type, rigid non-compartmental trays are expected to witness the highest growth. The rigid non-compartmental trays are estimated to bring in more than US$ 7,200 million revenues by 2026 end.

Based on the end use, aluminium foil packaging is likely to be used on a large scale for food service packaging. Towards the end of 2026, food service packaging is projected to reach close to US$ 7,600 million revenue. Aluminium foil helps in keeping the food fresh and hot for a long time.


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