Chair – NFE/35 Light metals and their alloys

We are very pleased that our Technical Manager Jan Lukaszewski has been re-appointed as the Chair of NFE/35 Light metals and their alloys by the BSI’s Standards and Policy Strategy Committee (SPSC).

ALFED's technical manager Jan Lukaszewski

ALFED’s technical manager Jan Lukaszewski

The BSI committee Chairs undertake an important function on behalf of the UK National Standards Body (NSB). BSI’s role as the NSB is to support the needs of business, industry, consumers, government and all other stakeholders in respect of voluntary standards, ensuring open public consultation and full stakeholder engagement, in line with the principles of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). The consensus process lies at the heart of BSI’s work and their Chairs are key to ensuring an effective and efficient delivery from their committee network.

For any queries regarding this committee please contact Jan direct: