New Hydro £5m investment – Painting Line

Hydro Aluminium UK Ltd have a new £5 million painting line driving sustainability and creating jobs at our Gloucestershire production site.

At Hydro we continue to push our ambitions for a sustainable future and to increase our capacity for the highest quality production for our offerings including extruded profiles, automotive components and fabrication.
Our latest development sees our automotive components facilities introducing a modern automated painting line with a total investment of over £5 million fine tuned to highlight our quality and sustainability. The development see’s us bring work to our Gloucester site which would historically have been sent to mainland Europe, reducing the travel associated CO2 footprint whilst also creating 12-15 new jobs.

The new painting line, mainly serving the automotive industry for roof rails and trims, is also applicable for a variety of products, supporting our label of a ‘one stop shop’ which allows for better process control, reduced lead times, less manipulation damage and less working capital.

Within a brand new extension building, the painting line features 2 painting cabins with options for double layer applications, an environmentally friendly pretreatment and a powder painting line. We’re also now able to control the air quality of application to further control quality, boost performance and reduce contamination.