AL Circle, the leading virtual ecosystem for the global aluminium industry, and Aluminium Federation (ALFED), the voice of  the UK aluminium industry, are proud to announce their partnership to deliver a showcase of the UK sector for global aluminium industry professionals.

In the ground-breaking collaboration, AL Circle and ALFED have united their expertise to produce an in-depth publication spotlighting the multifaceted nature of the UK’s dynamic aluminium downstream industry and their sustainability initiatives. The collaborative publication will meticulously explore industry trends, unveil emerging opportunities, and confront pressing challenges, offering invaluable insights to stakeholders.

Featuring contributions from esteemed ALFED members, the publication will be showcased on the AL Circle platform.

ALFED partners with AL Circle to spotlight the UK Aluminium Industry - The Aluminium Federation

Quote from ALFED CEO, Tom Jones: 

“ALFED members know, and I’ve said it before many times, aluminium is absolutely key to change for the future. Alongside other key industries, we can help combat the global climate crisis and drive forward the transition to Net Zero. In recent years, sustainability has become a global imperative and naturally it formed a key part of ALFED’s 2023 sustainability strategy day. Aluminium holds a key strategic position in supporting the sustainability agenda and with almost 75% of all aluminium ever produced still in use today, it’s no surprise that its recyclability is an important property. The use of secondary aluminium not only reduces waste, but also significantly reduces energy expenditure during the manufacturing process.   

This new collaboration with AL Circle puts ALFED in a great position, as the voice of the UK aluminium industry, to present a wealth of information, as we collaborate on a comprehensive publication on the challenges and opportunities within the UK aluminium downstream industry. The forthcoming publication will provide an insightful analysis of the UK’s aluminium downstream sector, shedding light on key trends, emerging opportunities, and critical challenges that shape its landscape. By leveraging AL Circle’s expansive network and expertise in the aluminium domain, we aim to present a holistic view of the UK aluminium industry to a global audience”.

Quote from AL Circle CEO, Abhimanyu Prakash: 

“I am absolutely thrilled to announce our partnership with ALFED, representing the UK’s aluminium industry. Since 2010, AL Circle has been a beacon of cutting-edge insights for readers globally, providing the latest information and business services, but most importantly championing aluminium, the metal of the future. With this exciting collaboration, we’re gearing up to unleash a wealth of insights through joint publication and continuing on our mission to promote the adoption of aluminium and global sustainability.

Together, we’ll shine a spotlight on the UK’s dynamic aluminium downstream sector through interviews and editorials from the ALFED members who will share with our global readers the key trends and path-breaking efforts they are charting.  Stay tuned to be engrossed reading in-depth analysis, emerging opportunities, and critical challenges that are shaping the UK aluminium industry today and will have a global impact tomorrow. Stay tuned for our inaugural edition. It’s going to be a game-changer!”

About ALFED: Aluminium is an affordable, highly recyclable material that supports a global circular economy. As the voice of the UK industry, our mission is to expand the market for aluminium products by helping members solve problems, lobby government and boost their competitiveness.

Whether it’s providing technical support, delivering market insight, informing trade policy or offering networking opportunities – everything we do focuses on helping UK aluminium capitalise on opportunities. As a member, you become part of an influential community, getting your voice heard within the industry and at the highest levels of government. Working together, we’re actively driving UK aluminium forward.

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About AL Circle: AL Circle is the world’s first and fastest-growing virtual ecosystem for the global aluminium industry. With a mission to innovate, connect, and enable global trade, AL Circle empowers users to learn, promote, and conduct business seamlessly within the trillion-dollar aluminium economy. Anchored by a legacy of industry expertise and a commitment to sustainability, AL Circle is the catalyst for driving forward the future of aluminium, fostering collaboration, and inspiring industry-wide progress.

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