An estimated 650 million metal aerosols are used in the UK each year, with over 80% of these likely to be consumed in households. Household aerosols should be captured through kerbside collection systems for recycling, alongside all other metal packaging.

The packaging waste landscape in the UK is changing. In the future non-beverage packaging, including aerosols, face ambitious mandatory
recycling targets of 50% for aluminium and 85% for steel by 2030 under Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). Alupro has made a
commitment to supporting the aerosols value chain in achieving these targets.

Whilst aerosols made of both metals share some common challenges, it is worth noting that different processes apply for the sorting and
treatment of each. This report presents the details of research carried out by Resource Futures on behalf of the UK Aerosol Recycling Initiative that defines the roadmap for industry to meet this challenge.

This research answered four key questions:
  1. Where are the greatest losses of aerosols from the recycling stream and why?
  2. What are the greatest obstacles to increasing aerosol recycling?
  3. What are the potential solutions that enable increased recycling?
  4. What are the likely costs and readiness levels of the industry?

The findings in this report have been developed from the results of a nationwide survey of over 2000 UK residents, detailed waste composition analyses in 9 local authorities, an assessment of how 17 local authorities communicate with their residents about aerosol recycling and 19 interviews with experts across the value chain.

Read more: ALUPRO Aerosol Summary

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