Westminster Forum Projects (WFP) has its origins in the UK national Parliament, but its work now extends to policy decided in UK devolved Parliaments and Assemblies, the Oireachtas, and the European Commission and Parliament.

WFP currently offers 16 influential, impartial and cross-party forums:

Westminster Business Forum, Westminster Education Forum, Westminster eForum, Westminster Employment Forum, Westminster Energy Environment & Transport Forum, Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum, Westminster Health Forum, Westminster Higher Education Forum, Westminster Legal Policy Forum, Westminster Media Forum, Westminster Social Policy Forum, Policy Forum for Ireland, Policy Forum for London, Policy Forum for Northern Ireland, Scotland Policy Conferences & Policy Forum for Wales

All of the forums enjoy substantial support and involvement from key policymakers within legislatures, governments and regulatory bodies, and from stakeholders in the professions, businesses and their advisors, consumer organisations, local government, the third sector and other interested groups.

Read more about WFP conferences: WFP

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