Architectural powder coating over the last decade has advanced a great deal, although to most of us these changes are not seen. It is relatively easy to powder coat aluminium to offer a good finish, the challenge is to ensure the finish remains in place, looking good and offering decades of useful service life. All QUALICOAT Members combine their knowledge of powder coating and undertake constant research to determine a single global specification for the application of architectural powder coating. On joining the Association, members not only join a growing supply chain family, but they open their process plant to unannounced visits from inspecting third party test houses in order to keep their licensed status.

QUALICOAT UK & Ireland are pleased to announce that three further UK powder coat applicators have recently passed their initial inspections and have reached QUALICOAT’s expected quality and process specification. The three applicator members are, Stellar Aluminium Systems (a group company of Epwin), Euro Quality Coatings and Met-Fab Solutions.

Stellar Aluminium Systems offer a wide range of window and door systems to the home improvement market, it is here where homeowners are becoming very quality conscious when it comes to finishes. Epwin Window Systems’ Marketing Manager Gerald Allen comments: “We are delighted to become a QUALICOAT licensed powder coat applicator. We have always adhered to the QUALICOAT specification because it ensures the high level of quality we deliver with Stellar, but having the official seal of approval was always very important.”

Euro Quality Coatings Limited, based in Cardiff, South Wales, have been a leading applicator of specialist powder coatings for almost thirty years. Steve Rosher, Executive Director comments: “Servicing a wide range of industries, including the Architectural and construction markets, as well as Automotive, leisure, Rail and Defence, we have been an approved applicator since 1998. As part of our continued growth plan, it was recognised that the QUALICOAT specification would not only underpin and enhance our quality offer to the market, but would also enable us to attract a greater level of Architectural coating for high specification projects. We are proud to be part of this globally recognised network of coaters.”

Met-Fab Solutions is a specialist supplier of bespoke architectural pressings and insulated panels, supplying to window and curtain walling installers, they recognise the importance of strict project deadlines. Managing Director, Steve Cockerham comments: “We appreciate the benefits of being part of a globally recognised quality standard. The QUALICOAT specification is often requested by architects and designers and previously we have had to sub-contract powder coating to licensed applicators. With our licence granted, we now control every aspect of our manufacturing process without to need to sub-contract out any work. Granting of our QUALICOAT license enhances our reputation of supplying quality architectural products and put us ahead of our competitors.”

So why is QUALICOAT revered over the latest British Standard, BS EN 12206-1:2021, for architectural powder coatings? It is the consistent quality of coatings being applied that is seen as a major consideration and this is where specifiers see the benefit in using the QUALICOAT specification.

BS EN 12206 offers a testing methodology, but does not state a frequency of production testing, QUALICOAT specifies both methodology and importantly a frequency of testing to ensure quality is maintained. BS EN 12206 is self policing with no requirement for external audit within the standard. A QUALICOAT licensed applicator is subject to twice yearly unannounced inspections by an independent test house to ensure the latest edition of the QUALICOAT Specification is being followed. A powder coater applicator failing an inspection can result the member losing their status as a licence holder. For those applicators who work worldwide, BS EN 12206 is only recognised in Europe, QUALICOAT is a recognised global specification. Simply put, A QUALICOAT Specification takes the ‘Due Diligence’ out of specifying a powder coater to coat to BS EN 12206.

The worldwide QUALICOAT Specification is continually and incrementally revised in real time with regular update sheets, the specification is completely rewritten at year end to include all updates. The Specification, its appendices and any update sheets are always freely available for download at For details on the availability of various colours and finishes contact any QUALICOAT UK & Ireland member for more information. For updated information about the use and specification of QUALICOAT in the UK and Ireland, please visit the UK & Ireland Association website at

Angus Mackie – QUALICOAT UK & Ireland Chair

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