New International Patents for EasiBridge® - The Aluminium Federation

EasiBridge® is delighted to announce award of new US Patents for their ground-breaking EasiShift®  conveyor system. A mass-market innovation intended to transform materials-handling on building sites.

Materials handling at height has been a longstanding safety concern in construction. Regulation now prohibits manual handling operations (hod-carrying) on ladders. Powered conveyors exist but are expensive, single-function equipment, used for materials-handling only; incompatible with personnel access – impractical for small, domestic builders.

EasiShift® is different. EasiShift® uses standard roofing ladders, maintaining personnel access alongside, materials-handling capabilities. Power-free operation is achieved alongside market-leading portability – entire conveyors broken down for carriage in the boot of a small, family car.

A simple accessory kit converts EasiBridge®  access ladders to an EasiShift® materials handling conveyor

EasiBridge®  has invested significantly in design and IP protection, Commercial partners are now sought  to bring their innovative products to market, in the UK and overseas.

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