Introducing Fiber Laser Welding LightWELD™ 1500

IPG Photonics is the leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance fiber lasers and amplifiers for diverse applications in numerous markets. IPG Photonics’ diverse lines of low, medium and high-power lasers and amplifiers are used in materials processing, communications, entertainment, medical, biotechnology, scientific and advanced applications. Their products are displacing traditional technologies in many current applications and enabling new applications for lasers.

IPG Photonics (UK) are introducing Fiber Laser Welding LightWELD™ 1500: IPG laser welder

FASTER & EASIER than Traditional MIG & TIG Welding

• Optimised built-in modes for High-Quality Results
• Weld Thick, Thin and Reflective Metals with low heat input
• Wobble control for up to 5 mm of Additional Weld Width
• Minimal Fixturing and Rework for increased productivity

Further information: HandHeldLaserWelder.com

Email: sales.uk@ipgphotonics.com