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HanaTech Ltd, Digital Process Improvement consultancy

Hana Tech

‘More impact than your average business consultant…

We offer simple tech solutions that will transform your business’

At HanaTech we are proud to support small to medium business within the Manufacturing industry to become more efficient and competitive in an increasingly Digital World.

We help them use Digital Process Improvement, to begin or enhance their journey from’ Traditional Factory towards Factory of the Future’, one quick win at a time

From small projects to track data or automate manual tasks, to larger system integration and technology transformations, our flexible approach to tailor solutions and support means that no project is too big or too small. Starting with a complimentary digital baseline review, we recommend simple tech solutions tailored to your business needs, to make customer response faster, capture more data, save time and reduce waste.

Our values are based on respect and trust:

“Working with HanaTech has enabled us to question and change inefficient practices, those methods done the same way because they have always been done that way, into opportunities for greater efficiency, less duplication, which will repeat time and again on our bottom-line.”

Adam Calloway, MD Alpha Finishing