The European Commission has published a legal act imposing the preliminary anti-dumping duties on aluminium extrusions originating in China as of tomorrow (14 October).

Please see the Commission’s Implementing Regulation in the Official Journal of the European Union here. This document also explains in detail the Commission’s findings from the moment the investigation was initiated until now.

The following anti-dumping duties will apply as of tomorrow (without retroactive effect):

  • Guangdong Haomei New Materials Co., Ltd.: 30,4 %
  • Guangdong King Metal Light Alloy Technology Co., Ltd.:30,4 %
  • Press Metal International Ltd.,:38,2 %
  • Press Metal International Technology Ltd.:38,2 %
  • Other co-operators: 34,9 %
  • All other companies: 48,0 %

The list of cooperating Chinese producers is in the annex of the Regulation (see page 52).

The standard applicable import duty of 7, 5 % will come ON TOP of these anti-dumping duties.

The products covered by the duties are aluminium bars, rods, profiles (whether or not hollow), tubes, pipes; unassembled; whether or not prepared for use in structures (e.g., cut-to-length, drilled, bent, chamfered, threaded); made from aluminium, whether or not alloyed, containing not more than 99.3 % of aluminium.

While the provisional duties are imposed, the investigation of the Commission will continue and is expected to be finalised in April 2021. At that point, the duties will likely be confirmed as definitive, although in exceptional circumstances, they could be modified or removed. If the definitive duties are confirmed, they will normally be in place for five years.

Source: European Aluminium

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