European commission

European Commission announces preliminary duties on Chinese extrusions

Tuesday 22 September, the European Commission announced its intention to impose provisional anti-dumping duties on aluminium extrusions originating in China. Please see the Commission’s summary of the proposed duties here.

The proposed preliminary duties range from 30,4 – 38,2 % for some companies; 34,9% for companies that cooperated in the investigation and 48% for all other Chinese producers (i.e. the companies that did not cooperate with the Commission’s investigation). The standard applicable import duty of 7, 5 % will come ON TOP of the proposed anti-dumping duty.

The products covered by the duties are aluminium bars, rods, profiles (whether or not hollow), tubes, pipes; unassembled; whether or not prepared for use in structures (e.g., cut-to-length, drilled, bent, chamfered, threaded); made from aluminium, whether or not alloyed, containing not more than 99.3 % of aluminium.

They are currently developing an extensive list of cooperating and non-cooperating companies, but it is important to note that the biggest Chinese extruder Zhongwang (Liaoning Zhongwang Group Co., Ltd. and Yingkou Zhongwang Aluminium Business Co., Ltd) is subject to the 48% duty as it did not cooperate.