ALFED Statement on Anti-Dumping Investigation

The UK Trade Remedies Authority (TRA) announced the opening of an anti-dumping investigation into aluminium extrusions originating in China. The investigation follows a complaint by UK producers who maintain their businesses have been negatively impacted by years of allegedly subsidized Chinese imports dumped into the UK, resulting in production lines and entire plants closing, with significant job losses. The EU introduced anti-dumping measures on Chinese extrusions in 2020 and aluminium extrusions from China are also subject to anti-dumping trade measures in the USA, Canada and Australia.

The Aluminium Federation (ALFED) is a membership organisation representing the entire UK aluminium value chain and its members include companies who import extrusion from China and other regions, as well as those extruding in the UK. ALFED absolutely believes in the idea of free and fair trade for all our members, including the introduction of trade remedies where necessary and justified, to ensure the continuation of a level trading playing field.

Therefore, ALFED fully supports the investigation being carried out by TRA and will supply any data or information in the public domain that is required by TRA to enable them to evaluate if dumping practices exist in the UK aluminium extrusion market.


About ALFED:

  • The Aluminium Federation is the voice of the UK aluminium industry. ALFED exists to represent businesses who process, trade and work with aluminium.
  • ALFED is a trade association, membership comprising companies from all sectors of the aluminium industry: primary producers, re-melters, extruders, rollers, finishers, fabricators and stockists. Currently the membership consists of approx. 150 companies.
  • The Aluminium Federation has an increasing number of members who manufacture products from aluminium in the automotive, aerospace, packaging and construction sectors.
  • ALFED offers a range of services that help the UK aluminium industry become more competitive. From technical support to lobbying, ALFED supports members working across all aspects of production and supply.
  • The Aluminium Federation boasts an active lobbying arm, highlighting the benefits of using aluminium, recycling, sustainability as well as the sector’s contribution to the UK economy. ALFED also works with aluminium partners at the EU and global level.
  • The Aluminium Federation acts as secretariat for the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for the UK Aluminium Industry.
  • ALFED is a founder member of the UK Metals Council and has recently joined the Manufacturing Trade Remedies Alliance (MTRA).
  • The Aluminium Federation was incorporated in 1962.
  • The UK aluminium industry turnover is worth £10 billion and employs 20,000.