On Tuesday 16 March the European Commission announced its intention to impose provisional anti-dumping duties on certain aluminium flat rolled productions originating in China. Please see the Commission’s summary of the proposed duties here (information at the provisional stage).

The proposed preliminary duties range from 19,6 – 47,3 %. The standard applicable import duty of 7, 5 % will come ON TOP of the proposed anti-dumping duty.

The products covered by the duties are aluminium products, flat rolled, whether or not alloyed, whether or not further worked than flat rolled, not backed, without internal layers of other material:
• in coils or in coiled strips, in cut-to-length sheets, or in the form of circles; of a thickness of 0,2 mm or more but not more than 6 mm;
• in plates, of a thickness of more than 6 mm;
• in coils or coiled strips of a thickness of not less than 0.03 mm but less than 0.2 mm.

Excluded are beverage canstock, bodypanels for the car industry and aluminium used in the manufacture of aircraft parts.

Next steps:

All sampled producers have received individual calculations from the Commission and will be able to point out possible clerical errors during the course of the week. After, the European Commission will publish a more detailed report on how the proposed duties were calculated.

By 14 April 2021, the Commission will publish a ‘regulation’ actually imposing the preliminary duties. This document, which is a legal act, will also explain in detail the Commission’s findings from the moment the investigation was initiated until now.

The provisional duties are expected to be imposed on 15 April 2021. However, the investigation of the Commission will continue and is expected to be finalised in October 2021. At that point, the duties will likely be confirmed as definitive, although in exceptional circumstances, they could be modified or removed. If the definitive duties are confirmed, they will normally be in place for five years.

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