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Environment Agency charge proposals for notified international waste shipments - The Aluminium Federation

The Environment Agency has an obligation to recover the costs of regulating waste shipments subject to notification controls (known as notified waste) through charges to waste importers and exporters. The most recent amendments to the international waste shipment (IWS) charges took place in 2012.

Waste shipment notification controls aim to protect the environment and human health during the shipment and management of waste so all notified waste is shipped in a controlled manner. This means all relevant competent authorities are aware of what is being imported and or exported to and or from their country and when. This protects the environment internationally as well the health, safety, and wellbeing of the residents of each country by making sure waste is recovered or disposed of by suitable methods. The controls make sure waste is shipped to a destination which can process the materials, therefore avoiding improper disposal, recovery or management of the waste and pollution of the environment.

This consultation outlines our proposed charging structure for regulating waste shipments sent under notification controls. We have outlined the new proposed charging structure in a way which helps you to understand all the changes. Please confirm if you agree with our proposals and welcome your suggestions on whether they can be made fairer in any way.

The consultation will close at midnight on 29 November 2023. 

it is being run in accordance with the guidance set out in the government’s consultation principles.

Please click on the ‘online consultation’ link below to find out more and answer the consultation questions:

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