Enabling or requiring hydrogen-ready industrial boiler equipment

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has published a call for evidence on Enabling or requiring hydrogen-ready industrial boiler equipment.

Hydrogen-ready industrial boilers have the potential to help industry decarbonise and kick start the UK hydrogen economy. They can run on fossil fuels today but are designed for subsequent conversion to hydrogen, enabling industry to transition to a low carbon future.

This call for evidence could be relevant to your organisation, so please take this opportunity to provide your views and help guide policy development in this area. Responses are welcomed until 23:55 GMT Monday 14 March.

What does the call for evidence cover?

  • Our latest analysis showing industrial boilers could represent 40-50% of low carbon hydrogen demand from industrial fuel switching by 2030.
  • How ‘hydrogen-ready’ for industrial boilers should be defined.
  • Whether hydrogen-ready boiler equipment would enable cheaper and faster fuel switching.
  • Whether government should take action to encourage hydrogen-ready boiler equipment.
  • The role of the supply chain and how best to maximise the economic opportunities for the UK.

Our ask of you

Respond to the call for evidence with as much detail as you can. All questions are optional, information will be treated confidentially if requested, and we will publish an anonymised summary of responses.

Why your evidence is important

The UK government is committed to working with industry to support decarbonisation and encourage the growth of new, low carbon sectors in the UK. Hydrogen-ready industrial boilers could be important for these aims and we welcome your expertise to inform policy in this area.