Dissimilar Laser Welding of Aluminium and Copper Alloys

TWI has been working to solve the technical problems of joining aluminium to copper using laser welding technology. An increasing number of enquiries over the past two years from members asking for support in this area, particularly from the automotive industry, led to the successful development of a high-speed laser-technology-based solution.

An increase in manufacturing demand for products with high capacity battery cells is leading to growing interest in technical solutions. High capacity battery cells use aluminium and copper, as the anode and cathode terminals respectively, to improve electric current flow and boost a vehicle’s performance. Existing electrical connection joining technologies, such as ultrasonic welding and the use of direct conductive adhesives, are deemed too slow for the high demand in a manufacturing situation. Therefore the possibility of using laser welding was investigated – find out more here: Dissimilar Laser Welding of Aluminium and Copper Alloys