Consultation description:

This call for evidence invites respondents’ views on:

  • the customs intermediary sector
  • the Simplified Customs Declaration Process (SCDP)
  • the Transit facilitation

By taking a fresh look at the fundamental building blocks of the UK’s customs system, the government wants to use this opportunity to gather and consider a wide range of evidence on how the customs system is working and changes that could be made to make it simpler, easier and more responsive to stakeholders’ needs.

This evidence will support changes to policy or processes to make it easier for traders to navigate the UK’s customs system.

The government welcomes engagement from any individual or business with views on the future of the UK’s customs regime.

This call for evidence is likely to be of most interest to traders, intermediaries, freight forwarders, fast parcels operators and hauliers, and will also be of interest to business representative organisations, trade bodies or customs consultancies that help traders with their customs affairs.

Respondents may choose to respond to some or all of the questions in this document. HMRC and HM Treasury welcome partial responses, focused on the aspects of the customs regime that are most relevant to the respondent.

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