Employers who pay the apprenticeship levy and have unused apprenticeship funds can transfer these funds to other employers. Transferred funds can be used to pay for the training and assessment cost of the apprenticeships and we can work with you to help the recipients of the funding to allocate this to train their staff.Apprenticeship levy will expire if not used, transferred or allocated - The Aluminium Federation

This is good for both senders and recipients of the levy, helping address the critical skills shortage.

Important date: March 31st is the final day for employers to enrol member of staff on to apprenticeship programs who join for the organisation between 1/10/21 – 31/01/22.

Those employees who are enrolled on to a program in that time will allow the employers to be eligible for bonus’ of £3000 and £4000.

Contact Kathy Romback (kromback@alfed.org.uk) at ALFED to discuss this further and don’t forget that unused levy will expire and cannot be used or allocated by the employers.

When it comes to levy funds the adage is to use it or lose it!


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