The UK aluminium sector is of profound national significance, generating £10 billion annually and employing more than 20,000 people.

As a result, the Government must take essential steps to help the sector recover from the impact of coronavirus. The UK manufacturing PMI fell to 32.6 in May, down a dramatic 19.1 points from February. ALFED members have reported order book reductions at levels not even seen during the 2008 financial crisis – some as high as 80%. And since 23rd March 2020, 14% of ALFED members have been forced to close temporarily.

The Government must continue supporting aluminium companies in the short term – and throughout the forthcoming economic recovery. Here we outline 3 pillars for our recommended recovery measures, which will help the aluminium industry drive UK growth in the short and medium term.

Read more: ALFED – Aluminium Industry COVID-19 Recovery Plan

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