Appropriate self-sufficiency, inward investment and energy security have never been more important.

The need for decarbonisation, sustainable sourcing and transition to the circular economy were adopted in our early Roadmap. These and the actions we identified are still critical, however, to fully reflect our ambition and align with other partners we will adopt the ESG model.

Our ambition clearly identifies that the work towards Net Zero is not just asa positive opportunity for change, but a direction which enables us to deliver a vision which is in our best interests. The world has changed since we started work on this report!

Your excellent contributions had already allowed us to develop a bolder and braver vision; had encouraged us to plan for greater collaboration and increased action. This vision will support the sectors step changes needed to meet Net Zero and realise the added value of these for our business and the economy.

Read more: ALFED NET ZERO Report – Sept 2022

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