Aligning your sustainability journey with your energy procurement strategy can be difficult, especially in a sector where the power needed to heat a furnace is beyond on-site generation technologies available in the UK (unless you’ve built your own hydroelectric power station).

While trials are planned in the use of hydrogen in furnaces, much of the sector does not have access to sustainable energy in the volumes needed to run their most power-hungry equipment. This can be disheartening for any ESG and sustainability managers when they are looking to make a dent in their scopes 1 & 2 emissions.

ALFED Sustainability Member Update - The Aluminium Federation

True is here to help you show your business the commercial benefits of the changes you can make. By combining your actual energy procurement costs with your planned sustainability projects in one platform, True gives you investment grade insights and data. This enables you to make better decisions on which sustainability project to implement, when to implement it and how to finance it.

As an ALFED sustainability partner, Open Energy Market have agreed to give all ALFED members discounted access to True, allowing members make sustainability decisions in a transparent and dynamic data-driven way.

If you would like to discuss your sustainability journey and energy procurement, or you would just like some more information, visit the True website or request a demo with one of Open Energy Market’s consultants on

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