ALFED report investigates impact of global conflict on the UK aluminium industry - The Aluminium Federation

ALFED, the aluminium federation, has launched a new report examining the impact of the Russia/Ukraine war on the UK aluminium industry. Developed in partnership with CRU International Ltd, the document explores the short, medium and long-term consequences of government import sanctions, as well as suggesting alternative future options to maintain primary aluminium supply.

With the objective of protecting the UK’s thriving aluminium supply chain, supporting domestic production and minimising the effects of geopolitical issues, the report considers how removing Russian material from imports will directly impact UK businesses, as well as how changing market dynamics will likely hit future export demand.

The opportunities to increase uptake of recycled content and reduce the industry’s carbon footprint are also covered in detail, alongside the wider supply chain issues presented by a weakening global forecast.

Tom Jones, chief executive officer of ALFED, commented: “Politically, and morally, pressure is increasing to ensure that all materials used within the UK have a clear path of origin and do not – in any way – support the Russian state. While Russian-sourced aluminium was only ever responsible for a small fraction of the import market, it is still important to consider the longer-term picture to ensure minimal disruption to the supply chain.

“Our latest report investigates the widespread impact of global conflict, identifying both challenges and opportunities, but also raising a number of highly pertinent questions. Firstly, what does a viable future solution for material sourcing look like? Secondly, what support should the UK government offer to support the wider agenda? And, finally, what are the immediate priorities that we – as an industry – must be tackling to maintain global competitiveness?

“It’s fair to suggest that this report is a hugely important resource for any business involved in the UK aluminium supply chain and I’d implore industry professionals to take the time to read it in further detail.”

“Impacts to UK aluminium industry following Russia/Ukraine war” is available for members to download via the link below:
ALFED Russian Alu Report

To become a member of ALFED, or to learn more about its pioneering work fostering innovation, promoting best practice and championing the interest of the UK’s aluminium industry, visit

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