We are very pleased to welcome ARZYZ Metals into membership of the Aluminium Federation.

Established in 1980, ARZYZ Metals is a Mexican company specialized in the manufacturing of aluminium alloys and the commercialization of non-ferrous metals in presentations such as continuous casting ingots, molten metal, slab, billet, T-bars, aluminium powder, flat-rolled products, deoxidizers as cones and granulates.

ARZYZ Metals has the objective of increasing its scrap metal recycling rate due the commitment it has of enhancing the circular economy in the aluminium industry. The company recovers scrap and by-products originated by its clients from sectors such as automotive, construction, steel, etc.

Towards its path of becoming a secondary smelter leader, the company is currently expanding its operations in Mexico and overseas, and it is open to establish strategical alliances into new markets.


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