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Sky’s the limit as Kettering pupils’ helipad aluminium can collection takes off

Each helipad needs 80 tonnes of aluminium – about 5.7 million cans.Each helipad needs 80 tonnes of aluminium - about 5.7 million cans

Pupils at a Kettering school have been spurred on to recycle used drinks cans to help raise money, prevent valuable metals going into landfill and save lives.

Park Junior Academy students and staff have joined other communities across north Northamptonshire to collect as many aluminium cans as possible to build an air ambulance helipad.

Frontline health volunteers North Northants First Responders, who work alongside East Midlands Ambulance Service answering 999 calls, have been collecting the cans to help charity Helipads For Hospitals.

The school community have drunk up, cleaned out and squashed thousands of cans with the first load already handed over to appeal organisers.

Pupil Amy, nine, said: “I am really proud because we are helping that need our help to get to hospital quicker and we are saving lives.”

Eight-year-old Ellexis added: “What we are doing is really helpful because helicopters have to land in fields near hospitals and get another ambulance so this will stop them needing to be driven and save their life.”

Helipads For Hospitals was created by a former RAF and Air Ambulance Pilot. Their aim is to collect 80 tonnes of unwanted aluminium drinking cans to use the raw material in order to form an alloy strong enough to build a helipad on site at hospitals.

The first hospital that they are raising money for is Leicester Royal Infirmary where currently the air ambulance has to land in a nearby park using a land ambulance for the final mile to A&E – losing valuable life-saving time.

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Source: Northamptonshire Telegraph