Radical Acts Exhibition – Harewood House 2022

Next March, Harewood House near Leeds will stage an exhibition entitled ‘Radical Acts’ that will highlight the work of 15 crafts people and companies whose work demonstrates a responsible approach to the use of material and an environmentally or socially conscious agenda. The exhibition is the 2nd of a Biennial series which will continue Harewood’s rich heritage of supporting and commissioning outstanding craft.

The designers of the exhibition, Jones Neville, have chosen to use aluminium as the sole material for the exhibition display furniture and interpretation panels. A key factor behind this decision is the recyclability of aluminium, it’s suitability for internal and external use. Although the public’s perception of aluminium may be that it’s an industrial, energy intensive material and not necessarily one that would typically be considered a ‘green’ material, the exhibition aims to show it can be a very sustainable material with an already well established recycling and reprocessing network.

After the exhibition is over, all of the aluminium used would go back to a reprocessing merchant as scrap material and re-enter the aluminium production stream once again. The aim is to minimise waste going to landfill as a result of the exhibition design. This circular process is something that would be explicitly highlighted as part of the exhibition design and aluminium will be one of the varied collection of materials that the visiting public will encounter during their visit (others include: hemp panels, corn husk tiles, coppiced timber, organic textiles etc…).

The exhibition team are looking to partner with an Aluminium sheet supplier and a reprocessing company to work with on this project.
They are seeking sponsorship of small quantities of aluminium sheet for the exhibition infrastructure, and the loan of a bale of crushed recycled aluminium for use as an exhibit within the exhibition.

If any ALFED members would be interested in being involved please email the exhibition designers Jones Neville Ltd on mail@jonesneville.co.uk or call on 020 39838355.

More information about Harewood House can be found on their website. https://harewood.org

The first Biennial exhibition of this series in 2019 was called Useful Beautiful and partnered with paper supplier GF Smith for the exhibition displays. https://www.jonesneville.co.uk/useful-beautiful-harewood-house