Proposal to work with ALFED and partner industries on Aluminium projects

The proposal is to develop joint collaborative projects between WMG and aluminium industries in Midlands and UK aiming to work on industrial problems and generate knowledge towards solving major challenges such as recycling, new light weight alloys, casting defects, challenges in joining etc for automotive and aerospace industries.

Every year, WMG and University of Warwick offers various summer internships, third year undergraduate engineering projects and foreign internship programs through which B tech and Masters students get an opportunity to work on research projects for a short duration ranging from 8 weeks to 4 months. Short term goal of this proposed proposal is to develop these projects in collaboration with aluminium industries so that students gain fundamental knowledge as well as industrial experience. While the long term goal is to develop PhD and research fellow projects targeting funding from EPSRC, Innovate UK, Royal society, European, KTP projects etc.

WMG has excellent facilities such as casting and melting furnaces (generate small quantities of melt), vacuum induction furnace, DSC, viscometer, gleeble machine, rolling, forming, joining, mechanical testing, nano indentation, optical microscopy, SEM, EBSD, 3D SEM, 3D X-ray tomography and TEM.

Industries can provide the support with materials, usage of facilities, engagement with scientific and industrial staff etc.

For any enquiries please contact Jan Lukaszewski: