PD ISO/PAS 45005:2020 Occupational health and safety management — General guidelines for safe working during the COVID-19 pandemic is a new international standard that we’re making available free of charge.

This standard has been written to help organizations protect their staff and others from the work-related risks of COVID-19. It:

  • applies to organizations of any size
  • provides practical examples of how to manage the risks
  • involves workers in decisions, leading to better engagement and performance
  • also manages the health and safety of people working remotely
  • ensures ongoing planning, monitoring and adaptation of safety measures
  • It sets out how to maintain and retain accurate records for co-workers and customers
  • enhances your organization’s ability to continue operations without severe disruption

For authoritative and comprehensive information on how to safeguard your organization and its people during the pandemic you should download PD ISO/PAS 45005:2020.

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