Metals Industry Strategy

A Vision for 2030

The Metals Forum, comprising UK metals bodies including ALFED, has produced the first UK Metals Industry Strategy

By 2030, a modern and progressive UK Metals Industry will be supplying high quality, innovative and competitively priced products to a wide range of customers. It will be the principal supplier to the UK’s main manufacturers and infrastructure projects, and a leading global exporter.

A forward-thinking, collaborative approach to R&D will have embedded innovation throughout the industry, from the smallest firms to the largest, directed by customers’ needs. A long-term commitment to and involvement in education and training will have created a modern, specialised workforce. The Metals Industry will be seen as a desirable employer able to attract the highest calibre recruits.

Metals and metal products will be at the heart of the new circular economy, recognising their innate potential for resource-efficient reuse, remanufacture and recycling. The industry will be represented by a Metals Council and will have worked with government to ensure a balanced regulatory environment that puts UK metals firms on a level playing field with overseas competitors.

By delivering this vision, the UK Metals Industry aims to increase its GVA by 50% by 2030.