Health and Safety Executive

HSE: Long COVID – scientists give recommendations on facilitating individuals to return to work

Given the relative lack of knowledge about the interface between long COVID and work, HSE commissioned a study to consider the scientific evidence.

The study was completed with contributions from an international expert group including the Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM) and the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in the UK.

The researchers summarised the evidence on the impact of long COVID on work, the workplace, and return to work interventions in the published scientific literature to 8 March 2021.

They made initial recommendations for guidelines to facilitate workers suffering from long COVID to return to work. These guidelines are in line with existing Faculty for Occupational Medicine (FOM) guidance on return to work and existing HSE guidance on managing sick leave and return to work.

Professor David Fishwick, HSE’s Chief Medical Adviser:

“Drawing together the evidence base is really important to define the best way forward for workers suffering from long COVID, in order to best help them feel better and return to work healthy.”

Read the report:

Return to work after long COVID: evidence at 8 March 2021