Environment projects get an extra boost with the launch of fund by leading recycler, EMR

World leading metal and plastics recycler, EMR, has launched a fund in which local environment projects across the UK can apply to give their activities an extra financial boost.

With COP26 taking place between October 31st to November 12th, EMR aims to support the climate-positive actions by the communities in which it operates. The metal and plastics recycler is offering a fund of £10,000 to be split between community action groups carrying out projects that have a positive impact on the environment and encourage sustainable living.

Offering a chance for groups to submit an application for funding, EMR will then put them to a panel of judges to decide which align with the company’s sustainable ambitions. Judges include, EMR’s UK Managing Director of Recycling, Ian Sheppard, EMR’s Director of Sustainability, Guy Mercer, Environment & Regulatory Manager, Nancy Gray and Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Manager, Danny Swygart.

Ian Sheppard highlighted why, for EMR, this fund is the right thing to do: “At EMR it is always important for us to create a positive environmental impact in the communities in which we operate. With the eyes of the world on the UK for COP26 what better time to show how hard communities in the UK are working to be climate positive!

“Many local community groups have the passion and dedication to make a great environmental impact in their local area, but unfortunately do not have the backing. With this funding we hope to help as many communities as possible reach their sustainability goals.”
For further information or to submit your application to the EMR Environment Fund please click here.