As EMR grows and innovates, it’s increasingly utilising the skills and experience of colleagues from a range of different industries who can contribute new ideas and offer a fresh perspective to the business. 

Since joining in April, End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) Operator, Ivan Zziwa, has brought his expertise as a qualified mechanic and former motorcycle racer to further enhance the vehicle recycling team at EMR’s Edmonton site in North London.  EMR: Meet the team - Ivan Zziwa - ELV Operative, EMR Edmonton - The Aluminium Federation

While vehicles have played a large role throughout Ivan’s career, working at the scale of a world-leading metal recycler has been a new challenge:

“I had depolluted a few vehicles before I arrived at EMR, but it was on a much more limited level than what’s going on here. One of my biggest priorities, so far, has been training so that I can do what’s required within the safe operating practices (SOPs) that EMR requires.”

Ivan has joined EMR’s ELV processing team at a fascinating time, as the industry awaits the arrival of large volumes of end-of-life electric vehicles in the years ahead. It will mean a range of new skills, processes and infrastructure at sites like EMR Edmonton.

“I’m prepared for the new challenges that lie ahead and I know that EMR will get our branch prepped and ready to process electric vehicles as soon as they start to reach end of life in large numbers,” he says.

And Ivan has so far been impressed by the level of training that EMR has provided. It’s a crucial element of ensuring ELV operators like him are able to successfully transition to use the technology required by a changing ELV landscape:

“EMR is willing to train and invest money in their staff which is really positive. The company has provided me with the opportunity to do fluorinated gas (F-Gas) training. This will enable me to install and remove air conditioning units from cars. It’s something which I hadn’t had the chance to learn in any of my previous roles before joining EMR.”

And the former racer has also had the opportunity to add to his driving experience: “EMR has helped me to pass my forklift driving test – it was the one vehicle licence that I didn’t have!”

ELV Operators are also one of the many public-facing roles at EMR, making excellent customer service a crucial part of Ivan’s skillset.

“We have a large range of customers, from the general public who want to scrap their car, to sole traders who buy and sell vehicles regularly. Offering great service, building a rapport and making sure you have a level of trust is all really important,” he says.

While Ivan is passionate about providing excellent levels of customer service, he has also been struck by the warmth of the atmosphere within EMR too:

“I’ve been here for eight months now and the team has really supported me. We all come from different backgrounds and speak different languages but it’s humbled me that they have all supported me and backed me when it’s needed. I’ve been to a few other EMR sites and felt that same level of connection at other branches as well.”

With the roll out of electric vehicles and arrival of innovative processing technology set to transform the industry, Ivan is now looking forward to what he hopes can be a “job for life”:

“I’m still young and the changes that are happening at EMR are really exciting. Change is positive and I hope that what lies ahead means new skills, training and career opportunities for me too. I definitely feel I’ve made the right decision joining the company and this team in particular.” 

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