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5 Expert tips for optimal non-ferrous melt control with spark OES


January 19


06:00 pm - 07:30 pm

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OES technology is an effective way of analyzing elements at low limits of detection in various types of metal. However, important elements in non-ferrous casting, such as phosphorus, antimony and bismuth, present a greater challenge to measure.

Aluminium alloy and other non-ferrous based material melts have a tendency to segregate as they solidify resulting in uneven concentrations of elements within casted products. You are likely to see segregation profiles in all directions, which makes it difficult to get representative sampling from melts, casted products or samples for the lab. For direct measurements of solid samples, (e.g. spark optical emission analysis) measuring signals are influenced by the morphology of the solidification and cast structure of the sample.

To combat these challenges join Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science on Tuesday 19th January 2021 at 10AM GMT/11AM CET.

5 expert tips to achieve optimal non-ferrous melt control with spark OES:

  • The secret to the perfect OES analysis: sample prep
  • Understanding calibration and type standardization
  • Importance of maintaining your OES analyzer
  • Grade identification
  • Audit safe process control

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