Imagine you could make an eight-fold improvement in the time it takes you to get your products where they need to be. Imagine you could reduce your delivery costs and make huge savings through getting production right first time, every time.

That’s not a fantasy. It’s the reality for one of our customers – a global materials distributor and supply chain services provider – and their partner, a balcony specialist. And although the credit for their achievement must belong to them, we’re proud of the contribution we’ve made via an SBZ151 CNC machining centre.

Delivering through the strength of partnerships - The Aluminium FederationThe aforementioned balcony specialist distribute high quality, lightweight balconies at their partner’s recently opened state-of-the-art West Midlands factory. Across the board, standards are high. Compared to traditional balconies, their product offers an impressive 88% saving on carbon. Materials used are non-combustible, lightweight and strong. The quality of the production owes much to our customer’s expertise in aerospace engineering and the net result – the only truly adjustable MMC balcony system on the market – is a boon for the construction industry.

The outstanding results demonstrate the benefits of close collaboration. The partnership between our customer and the balcony specialist is a real success story, but there’s another relationship that’s had an impact – the one between us and our customer. Here’s what their General Manager had to say about it:


“We have decided to make elumatec our partner in our fabrications business because of the level of flexibility and scope the SBZ151 offers.Delivering through the strength of partnerships - The Aluminium Federation The machine allows us to manufacture precision components in a single First Time Right process and ensures that the very fine tolerances are met every time. This is also important to our customers, as they can plan ahead and rely on our service.”

In short, our 5-axis profile machining centre machining centre allows repeatable and highly efficient manufacture of precision components. This enables our customer – and theirs further down the line – to have confidence that every one of the extruded aluminium components will fit perfectly. That’s critical because it’s key to efficient off-site manufacturing, which, in turn, saves precious time on the construction site.

This chain of supply, where there’s genuine trust and understanding, has led to the balcony company standing out as the go-to expert for design and installation of innovative, sustainable and certified balcony systems. It’s an example of what can be delivered when the true strength of partnerships is harnessed.

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