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DEFRA: A joint consultation on ‘Best Available Techniques’

The UK Government, Scottish Government, Welsh Government and the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs in Northern Ireland have today launched a joint consultation on ‘Best available techniques’– A future regime within the UK – Preventing or minimising impacts on the environment from industry.

The Consultation sets out the proposed approach for a regime for developing ‘Best Available Techniques’ which will be used in environmental permitting for certain industrial activities.

As we develop the detail of the new regime for ‘Best Available Techniques’ development within the UK, we particularly wish to hear views from stakeholders on key elements of policy design, including the organisation and governance process, public participation, scrutiny, related policies on implementing ‘Best Available Techniques’, and how the process will be evaluated.

For more information, and to access and reply to the consultation please visit:

We also want to take this opportunity to make you aware of work that is ongoing to develop a Common Framework for the development and setting of BAT within the UK. This is part of the UK Government and Devolved Governments Common Framework Programme. The Common Framework will consider the working arrangements between the UK Government and Devolved Administrations, including the working practices of the proposed governance arrangements that are set out in the consultation. We have an agreed provisional Common Framework for BAT, but there will be more work to do this year to finalise it.  We will keep you updated as work on the Common Framework progresses.