Covid testing at company premises

The Government is rolling out on-site Covid testing for all companies that employ over 50 people for staff that cannot work at home. Please contact direct if you are interested, where you will be directed to attend workshops run by the Department for Health.

It’s worth noting that the testing will be carried out by trained staff of the company, not by medical staff, so this will require the company finding resource to manage the process, including registering the test results.

This programme has been available for a few weeks to some larger companies considered ‘essential’, but is now being more widely rolled out in England.

A website for businesses to register their interest in asymptomatic testing of employees has now been released. You can find it at this link:

To confirm that the eligibility criteria is still in place:

  • Businesses with over 50 employees
  • Businesses registered in England only (for the time being)
  • Only for employees that cannot work from home for the period of lockdown

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