Aluminium focused light metals vocational education and training

The European AluVET project was launched in September and covers the creation of a vocational training programme for the aluminium sector in the UK and Europe.

One of the main requirements of the AluVET Project is to have European trade body partners with relevant interests and experience. ALFED are delighted to announce they have joined this consortium of experts.

The programme will develop guidelines for the implementation of training to increase digital and vocational competences of participants and trainers. The project will run over the next two years and will consist of various on-line questionnaires, on-line focus group meetings, field research and virtual training of the modules below.

Moving forward we will ask anyone, who has registered their interest, to help put together a participant pool of 35 companies to fulfil its obligations with the project.

The training is provided free of charge, each module is approx. two hours and are aimed at individuals who require a basic understanding to confidently engage with the aluminium industry and its products. The modules are:

• Aluminium and aluminium alloys
• Aluminium metallurgy
• Casting
• Forging
• Extrusion
• Welding
• Heat treatment of aluminium
• Powder coating and protection
• Scientific research techniques and scientific ethics
• Professional development

If would like further information or to register your interest, please contact ALFED Training and Education Manager Kathy Romback: