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Aluminium Desert Wheels Challenge for Years 3-6

The Aluminium Federation is partnering with The BLOODHOUND Project to help get primary school pupils engaged in a world land speed record attempt. BLOODHOUND is a collaboration between world-leading engineering companies, universities and the military to build a jet car that reaches 1,000mph.

The Aluminium Desert Wheels Challenge gives young people the chance to take on the role of engineer. It’s for Years 3 to 6 and covers wide area of the Design & Technology National Curriculum.

Check out the video here for an insight  

What the Aluminium Desert Wheels Challenge involves

A major element in designing the jet car relates to the wheels. In this challenge, pupils get a taste of what BLOODHOUND engineers are grappling with by designing their own wheels using recycled aluminium.

  • It’s a 5-hour project that can be run as an activity day or over several classroom sessions
  • Pupils design their aluminium wheels using simple tools, test their designs and then adapt and improve them
  • They record their findings in a poster and a 3-minute video diary, which they submit to the judging panel

A shortlist of teams will then be invited to Bristol in April 2019 for the final.

How to get your school involved

Schools receive a comprehensive resource pack with everything they need to promote the competition and get started. It includes a presentation explaining the competition, a template for making and testing the car, tips for working with aluminium, information on judging criteria and more.

Register at

The competition is free to enter. The deadline for entries is 1st March 2019.


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