The Aluminium Federation (ALFED) are set to host the annual Sustainability Strategy Day at BMA House, London once again on Thursday 6th June 2024.

ALFED to Host Annual Sustainability Strategy Day at BMA House, London - The Aluminium Federation

After a successful event at BMA House last year, ALFED are back with this year’s theme of ‘Next Steps for the UK Aluminium Industry’. With ALFED calling on the next Government to double down on policies promoting Net Zero emissions, this event will highlight the need to incentivise investment in aluminium manufacturing and product design, the benefits of harnessing green energy, and leveraging the UK’s expertise in metals processing.

The EnvironmentAl event invites ALFED members and the wider aluminium industry to present current sustainability strategies and showcase technologies, as well as offering the opportunity to take part in engaging discussions, insightful workshops, and make the most of valuable networking opportunities.

Following a networking opportunity first thing in the morning to mee various ALFED members and influential figures from across the sector, the morning’s presentations will begin with an opening keynote speech from BCAST/Brunel University London’s Dr. Mark Jones, who will address the audience to highlight the key opportunities for UK aluminium.

Other key industry speakers will include CRU’s Head of Aluminium, Paul Williams and Research Manager, Paul Butterworth, who will provide an update on key trends in the UK aluminium market. Within his role at CRU, Paul is responsible for the research programme of the team. He joined CRU in 1986 and for many years ran the Aluminium Semis and Downstream areas specialising in flat rolled product markets and demand analysis. A regular speaker at major aluminium events, he also contributes to aluminium association publications including those of the Aluminum Association and the Gulf Aluminium Council. Paul has a MSc in Economics, London School of Economics. BA in Economics, University of Swansea. As well as discussing the structure of the industry and consumption trends, Paul’s presentation will examine key changes in UK imports and exports of aluminium products.

Delegates will also be addressed by Eleanor Cox, the Area Director for SME Banking in London from Lloyds Bank. Eleanor will be walking through the sustainability landscape for the manufacturing industry in 2024 and how to navigate it. As Climate Change accelerates, sustainable practices are becoming more important in the industry. Eleanor will focus in on some of the industry best practices of today that can help you make real change tomorrow. This will include structural analysis showing where sustainability teams can sit within organisations and the types of strategies they can implement, from target setting to shaping strategy.

ALFED to Host Annual Sustainability Strategy Day at BMA House, London - The Aluminium Federation

In the second half of the talk, Eleanor will draw on her expertise as a Director at Lloyds Bank to explain how the banking sector is also transforming to become more sustainable, and what this means for the businesses they finance. In particular, she will explain Lloyds’ green financing initiatives and their appetite for sustainable businesses, as well as the sustainability education and knowledge of their Relationship Managers, and how they can help your business to grow sustainably. There will also be time for questions at the end to allow you to get Eleanor’s insights on more particular or very recent developments in the space.

Furthermore, is your company affected by CBAM? Co-Founder and CEO of Cbamboo, Gabriel Rozenberg will be hosting a dedicated CBAM workshop at the EnvironmentAl Sustainability Day. This will be the delegates chance to listen and get the answers to any of their questions regarding either CBAM as a whole, or specifically relevant to the recent UK CBAM Consultation.

Additionally, CarbonChain’s Senior Account Executive, Nicolas Nebout will be presenting on ‘How to use CBAM as a Springboard towards Net Zero’. Nicolas has worked with innovative businesses for 10+ years across biotechnologies, carbon accounting and ESG reporting. He’s an alumni of BCG Digital Ventures, with experience in commercial management and go-to-market/localisation strategy. At CarbonChain he specialises in helping metal supply chains transition to a net-zero economy. Nicolas will discuss how clear and accurate emissions reporting can not only satisfy regulatory and stakeholder demands but also differentiate your products in a market that increasingly values environmental responsibility. He will cover:

ALFED to Host Annual Sustainability Strategy Day at BMA House, London - The Aluminium Federation
  • How CBAM differs from other key and upcoming carbon reporting needs – and how you can implement one robust process that covers them all.
  • How to spotlight your low-carbon aluminium with complete product carbon footprints and carve out a competitive advantage.
  • Effective strategies for higher-emission producers and traders to identify and tackle carbon hotspots.
  • How to engage with suppliers effectively, efficiently and comprehensively: for CBAM and beyond.

CBAM is just the tip of the iceberg in the net-zero transition. Join us to gain insights on how to make it work for you long term, drawing on CarbonChain’s expertise in aluminium carbon accounting and regulatory compliance, and vast work supporting aluminium companies with the first CBAM deadlines.

Further speakers throughout the day will include Director/Founder of Avails Energy, Rory Ingham, who will guide delegates through some simple steps to net zero, and Mypower’s Business Development Director, Neil Stott, who will showcase the latest advancements in solar PV technology and financing models, aiming to empower businesses to make informed decisions regarding their energy strategy.

To view the full agenda, please visit the ALFED website:

Wondering what the benefits of attending are? Here’s a few…

  • Gain valuable insights into sustainability strategies tailored specifically for the aluminium sector.
  • Network with industry peers, experts, and thought leaders to exchange ideas and forge meaningful collaborations.
  • Stay informed about regulatory changes and industry trends shaping the future of sustainability in aluminium production and processing.

Interested in attending? There’s still time to get your tickets!

Please visit the ALFED website to book: -day/.

For more information about ALFED, or to become a member, please visit:

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