Update DIT ‘no deal’ planning 15.03.19

DIT ‘no deal’ planning

  • As part of no deal planning, DIT current intention is to switch off the prior surveillance licence requirement for certain aluminium products, as introduced by the EU in 2018.
  • The licences aren’t required for safeguards investigations, or indeed antidumping and anti-subsidy investigations, as it doesn’t provide the live import data needed – the licences only indicate an intention to import within a certain timeframe.
  • This won’t impact the new UK Trade Remedies Investigations Directorate’s (TRID( ability to take forward future cases, following complaints by UK producers.  The UK can still implement customs monitoring procedures as required.
  • This doesn’t mean the UK cannot re-introduce licencing at some future point, if it is deemed necessary.  The UK will retain the ability to introduce new prior surveillance licensing requirements.

You can  learn more of the new UK trade remedies framework.  The link below provides information on how TRID will operate.


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