UK Emissions Trading Scheme free allocation review: call for evidence

The UK government and devolved administrations are seeking evidence on free allocation in the UK Emissions Trading Scheme.

This consultation closes at

Consultation description:

Within the context of the UK government and devolved administration’s ambitious climate targets, we are calling for evidence now on how our use of free allocations can better incentivise emissions reduction, and protect energy intensive, trade exposed industries from the risk of carbon leakage.

We are seeking input from the full range of interested parties on:

  • key questions the review should consider, and the problems we should be looking at
  • how we can make free allocations fairer and more targeted when reducing in line with the reduction in the overall cap
  • examples and evidence of carbon leakage to help inform future free allocation policy
  • relevant sources of evidence and expertise that should inform the review
  • we would particularly appreciate all substantive, quantitative evidence that can be provided to help develop the best possible evidence base
  • significant lessons it is important to learn, from the UK and internationally

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