Middle management programme

The performing organisation 2 day programme can be taken individually or as part of an integrated development pathway



The performing organisation

This course allows managers the opportunity to discover ways to markedly enhance the overall performance of their department, function or team; and that of the organisation. Managers will examine the different elements attached to setting and delivering consistent high performance and attendance on the course will allow the opportunity to uncover current performance strengths and shortcomings. The course will further allow managers to explore different performance management systems and methodologies that can be applied back in the business. Reflection on learning from the module will then be used to set out future performance targets that are actionable and measurable.

Who is this course aimed at?

Those managing departments or team who take responsibility for delivering business objectives through other people.  It is also useful for managers who want to learn more about leading and managing and getting the best from their people.

What will I learn?

To develop a deeper understanding and comprehensive insight to performance management within a business;  Examine traditional and contemporary performance management and measurement methods, and how focused; how broad; and how deep the measures reach in your business; To consider performance management systems and the service profit chain analogy; Identify the benefits that the Balanced Scorecard and associated models could bring to your performance; Recognise the areas of business focus requiring development and delivery of enhanced performance; Gain an understanding of  the purpose and basis of reflective leadership practices;  Set some personal and team performance goals for the next 100 days in the business.

Cost £855.00  Completion of middle management programme (6 days) £2257.20

All courses include the following:

  • Lunch and refreshments throughout the day
  • All course material
  • Free parking

cpd certified


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