ALFED CEO Tom Jones travelled to France to attend the two day European Aluminium International Congress on 26-27 February.

Tom has been in Colmar for two days this week attending the event, he has met with many attendees including ALFED member Altek.

Pictured below is Dr Gerd Goetz, Director General opening the 15th International Recycling Congress at the start of the week.

Dr Gerd Goetz, Director General

Experts from across the globe covered a wide range of topics at this years congress, speakers including;

ALFED member Altek, MD Alan Peel was discussing the new dross salt-slag recycling process

Anna Sapota, Vice President at CP Recycling was speaking of  aluminium beverage cans being recycled. She said “300 billion cans are produced every year and 64 billion of those are in Europe”

Senior Manager at Deloitte, Julia Patorska was talking about Deposit Return Schemes (DRS) to drive recycling. 10 countries in Europe have this system with return rates in some countries as high as 90%.

Paul Williams, Research Manager at CRU was speaking of the growing demand for recycled metal worldwide

Murat Bayram, Head of European Metal Recycling (EMR) spoke about Waste Shipment Regulation and whether there are more opportunities or risks for recyclers and the aluminium value chain

Also at the event was a panel discussion on aluminium, the circular economy and development of innovation in recycling to increase recycling rates.

Overall the congress was an enlightening and inspiring event, thank you European Aluminium for Tom’s invitation! Check out the website here