Project aims to boost aluminium coffee capsule recycling

Coffee company Nespresso has announced an initiative to boost recycling rates of its aluminium coffee capsules.


Working in partnership with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Alupro and Tandom Metallurgical Group, the company is launching a six-month trial, where consumers in the Borough will be able to recycle their used aluminium coffee capsules through their regular council household recycling collection service.


The trial is the first pilot project of its type for the coffee specialist in the UK, and is part of a project to expand existing recycling schemes. Nespresso has run its own recycling services for the past seven years, but is responding to customer feedback requesting alternative recycling channels for the capsules. Nespresso customers in the Borough will be sent dedicated purple recycling bags, to differentiatethen  from regular green recycling bags currently in use.

Unlike some competitor products, Nespresso capsules are all-aluminium, and therefore infinitely recyclable using Tandom’s specialist process, which also recovers the waste coffee grounds from the capsules to create nutrient-rich compost.

“Every week we are seeing an increase in the volume of capsules being sent in by customers through our system,” said Francisco Nogueira, managing director of Nespresso UK and Ireland. “But we know there is still much to be done, and recycling through the municipal system is something our customers have asked for.

“As well as being the best packaging to protect the quality of our coffee, aluminium does not lose its technical properties when recycled, which allows it to be used again and again. Unfortunately not all our customers are aware that, because our capsules are aluminium, they can be recycled. We are focused on communicating this as much as possible through our boutiques and customer channels, to encourage more people to send us back their capsules.”

Should the pilot prove successful, Nespresso intends to roll out similar schemes with other local authorities.


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