Process improvements at Boal

Leading aluminium extruder Boal UK has announced significant investment to improve its processes.

“These changes are all about quality improvement, optimisation and the continuation of supply,” said Group Operations Director Tony Dingley.“Our largest press (9”/3250 Tonne) has undergone a number of renovations, which are now complete.

“We have had a full re-build on our log oven, which is used to heat aluminium logs before they are cut into billet length and pressed into extrusions. It’s important that we not only heat the logs but get a full heavy soak before we press them. This enables consistent dimensions and ageing properties.

“Other improvements include the pressure ring/die slides and rails, as well as a new container side cylinder and ‘C’ plate. This increases our ability to align the press, assisting us in getting dies run correctly first time. Refurbishment of the cooling tables has also helped to improve the handling of the profiles prior to aging. And finally, we have tuned the press, optimising the extrusion process.
On our largest press we run an isothermic control and monitored system, which maintains exit temperature by adapting to each extrusion. BOAL Extrusion in the UK produces over 24,000 tonnes each year, and we are excited about how these changes will streamline our processes for our customers in the months ahead.”

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