Nissan Raises Investment in UK Electric Vehicle Production - The Aluminium Federation

On Friday 24th November, the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, announced that Nissan is set to deliver up to £2 billion of new investment that will help produce two new electric vehicle models in Sunderland. This will help put more zero emission vehicles on UK roads, making travel more sustainable and affordable in the long-term.

Speaking on their new investment, Nissan have said that the two new models will incur an investment of up to £1.12 billion, leaving room to make a wider investment in infrastructure projects and the supply chain, including a Gigafactory; taking the total investment today of up to £2 billion.

The announcement doubles down on this with all-electric replacements for the Nissan Juke and Qashqai models in addition to the all-electric Leaf replacement announced in 2021, supporting the future of Nissan’s highly skilled 7,000 strong UK workforce as well as the 30,000 staff employed in the wider supply chain.

This investment further cements the UK’s position as a global leader in Electric Vehicle manufacturing, delivers on the Prime Minister’s priority of growing the economy and drives forward the UK’s commitment to net zero.

Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, commented: “Nissan’s investment is a massive vote of confidence in the UK’s automotive industry, which already contributes a massive £71 billion a year to our economy. This venture will no doubt secure Sunderland’s future as the UK’s Silicon Valley for electric vehicle innovation and manufacturing”.

ALFED CEO, Tom Jones, also commented: “The recent investment from Nissan provides a positive step forward in the country’s move towards net zero. Every gallon of fuel burned creates about 8,887 grams of CO2, so this is key, influential news for the impact of the manufacturing sector. The aluminium industry is a vital part of UK manufacturing and an essential component of the modern UK economy, which will play a key role in the UK’s transition to a more sustainable future.

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