New 6000 alloy from Constillium

Constellium has introduced a new high-strength 6000-series aluminium alloy. Christened Constellium HSA6, the alloy is aimed at serving the growing market for lightweight aluminium alloys within the automotive manufacturing sector.

Constellium HSA6 is designed for extrusion-based crash management systems, body-in-white structural components, and battery enclosures. The alloy is more malleable while retaining tensile strength, making shaping the alloy into desired configurations easier than with previous alloys. Additionally, this new alloy is between 15 and 30 percent lighter than its predecessors, translating into even greater weight savings than with other already light aluminium alloys.

“With Constellium HSA6, we are able to offer automakers a family of the highest strength 6000-series aluminium alloys available on the market for extruded automotive components,” explained Constellium’s Martin Jarrett.
Although the alloy has only just been released, it has already been slated to be used in the next model year of the MINI Countryman.

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