Montreal Aluminium Summit

Montreal Aluminium Summit on overcapacity triggers reaction of PM Trudeau and President Macron prior to G7 Summit

Last Sunday and Monday, the Director General of European Aluminium, Dr Gerd Götz, company members and the French association participated in Montreal Aluminium Summit. The national aluminium associations’ leaders from Canada, the United States, Europe and Japan held an exceptional meeting of the aluminium industry from the G7 member countries on June 3rd and 4th in Montreal, and called for a Global Multilateral and Governmental Forum on Aluminium Overcapacity. A working paper (final review is ongoing) was distributed to discuss policy options on how to tackle Chinese overcapacity and offer solutions to the leaders participating in the upcoming G20 summit in Argentina. The event took place with the active participation of the Canadian and Quebec governments, representatives of G7 governments and of the industry-leading companies from Canada, U.S., Europe and Japan. Days after the meeting, Prime Minister Trudeau and President Macron confirmed that aluminium overcapacity will be in the G7 agenda and discussions will take place before the Summit. Read the joint press release

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